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I'm 47 and my primary Doctor found a lump/soar on the back of my mouth just in front of my tonsil. She sent me off right away to a specialist because of my history of cancer and my sister had just gotten over thyroid cancer the year before. So when the specialist said he needed to take them out and have them tested, i was game. Id rather catch it eairly rather than later. Been there, done that kind of thing. Anyway I'm on day 4 after surgery and I still cannot swallow without major pain. So I found myself back in the hospital with dehydration because I could not keep up my hydration. Swallowing was just too hard. When I do my butt punches up and I grab my head from the pain. Also I had severe drainage from I think my sinus' because I cannot sleep laying down. I'm on the couch waking up every few minutes because I feel like I'm drowining. And all the Doctor would say was "There is nothing I can do for you." I believe because this was the day after Thanksgiving. So much for his responsiblitly. Did my inusrance already pay him or something? Good Lord. Anyway I went to the hospital, got a bag of fluids and that was last night And now I'm feeling dehydrated again.   I've gotten gatoraide and drugged myself up on liquid Morfine but I'm still sore as all get out and unsure of why he did not just biopsey the lump. And does anyone have any ideas on how to stay hydrated other than telling me to sip water? I've been trying to do that. Help, I'm feeling lost, drugged and alone in all this. All my husband can say is "Your Doctor is a butcher." like that helps right. Thanks for any help out there.


Hello, Bones.... I am so sorry that you have to deal with the pain you are enduring.  A tonsillectomy is one of the most pain recuperations from a surgery there is, I believe.  I have had a few friends that have had the surgery and endured significant pain from it.  It may feel more soothing to drink warm liquid rather than cold.  Maybe some warm compresses to your neck in the throat area may feel good, too.  Sleeping sitting up would be a good idea anyway to keep swelling down in the throat.  I hope you are getting relief at some point and able to get fluids and some protein in your system.