I am a healthy and fit 51 year old woman. My tonsils were removed 14 days ago, on a Friday morning. What a hellish ride! :-S

Day two I was very much out of it, passed out on the bed most of the day. I had to force myself up to feed my pets.

Day five was the most painful - neck, throat and head!

I stopped taking the nausea-inducing Hydrocodone (Lortab) about the third day, and instead took one Excedrin about every four hours. The aspirin in it helped control the swelling in my neck/cheek and the Acetominophen helped slightly with pain. The "scabbing" had already started, so the aspirin in Excedrin was less likely to make the mouth start bleeding (aspirin "thins the blood").

The two things that I realize are paramount in this ordeal are (1) oral hygiene - I kept the mouth and throat area as clean as I could by brushing teeth, gums, tongue and roof of mouth after each (attempted) meal and gently gargling with one part Listerine mouthwash/three parts water, and/or warm salt water, and/or for five seconds only one part hydrogen peroxide/four parts water; and (2) nutritious food - warm pea soup, watered-down Wheatena (a version of oatmeal) and yoghurt were my friends!

My advice: If you do not have to have this surgery, avoid it!! If you must have it, please consider my two tips, which are essential to your survival: oral hygiene and nutrition. Oh, and I consistently took the Amoxicillin antibiotic to avoid any sort of nasty infection.

Best wishes. Karen