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So here is my daughter story, she is 8 years old and had her tonsils out 8 days ago.  She had a ton of sore throats, strep 3 times in 2 months and snored big time.   She has been a total trooper through it all and I am shocked at how well she has done.  It has been rough but we are getting through it.  Three things we cannot live without: Meds every 4-6 hours (whatever dr says) around the clock period (yes, that means waking them up), baby spoons and GUM!!!

Surgery/Day 1:  Everything went well, Dr said her tonsils were enormous.  They gave her morphine to help her come out of anesthesia and she came out wonderfully.  Only wanted ice chips and water.  The nurse told us to make sure to get her gum to chew, and let her chew gum as much as she wants to.  Thought that was weird right after surgery but she knew what she was talking about.  I read up on it and it after and it said not only does it keep the throat moist but helps to alleviate ear pain.  Daughter was starving when we got home so she had an egg and later that day some soup.  I cut all her stuff into tiny tiny pieces that she ate with a baby spoon cause she couldn't open her mouth very wide.  She was wide awake all day, no naps.  Had a slushie but wanted no popsicles, ice cream, etc.  All she wanted most of the day was ice water.  Her tongue sounded very swollen and it was really hard to understand her. Slept well with the Lortab every 6 hours.  While she was sleeping she sounded very congested like she needed to clear her throat, very loud, but I guess that is all part of the process.

Day 2:  Lortab still working well, she says her pain is a 4-5, which for her apparently is tolerable.  Had another egg and a can of soup.  But still no popsicles, applesause, ice cream, etc.  Luckily she had no issues drinking water all day and had another slushie.  Took a long nap which was good.  Sleeping was a little rough that night.  I guess after all the anesthetic wears off and before the scabs form the Loratab burned her throat going down, so there was a lot of gagging and sputtering and I thought it was coming back up, but luckily she kept it down and that was the last of the Loratab (for a few days anyway).

Day 3 and 4:  First day she was able to open her mouth wide enough for me to see what was going on in there, all the other days it hurt too much to open.  Wish I didn't look, it is nasty in there.  I was shocked at all the white scab, I only thought it would be on the sides, but it was everywhere I could see in her throat.  Gross!!  We had to move to Tylenol only and luckily she was good with that, pain still maintained at a 4-5.  Still no popsicles, ice cream, etc.  She tried a pudding and told me she knows she likes it normally but it tasted funny to her so more food she won't eat.  Tons of water and gum still.  Ate some ABC chef boy ardee pasta.  At this point I didn't care what she ate as long as it was something.

Night 5:  This is when things started to get rough at night, the days were still fine.  That night she was up every 3 hours in pain, she wasn't fully awake, so there was no reasoning with her that she had to drink.  My guess is that the scabs were drying out at night and started hurting because there was no water and no gum to keep them moist.

Night 6:  Worst night of all, up every 1 1/2 hours in pain, thrashing around but still not really awake to reason with that she needed water.  Rubbed her back until she settled down and fell back asleep each time, but was a brutal night.  During the day she was fine!

Day 7:  Peeked in her mouth, could see some of the scabs are falling off and she has a lot of pinkish/red skin underneath that I am guessing is pretty tender.  She has now tried some noodles to eat and did well.  She said she thinks she can feel some of the scabs falling off (yuck).  I told her tonight she had to have Lortab because last night was so bad and no one slept.  Mixed the Lortab with chocolate milk and she had no problem getting it down, I think because the chocolate milk is so thick and has a lot of flavor that it helps mask the taste and the burning aspect.  Also this was the first day she was super talkative and it is definitely getting better to understand her.  She only woke up once during the night from pain which was a huge improvement.  I also woke her once for more Lortab mixed with chocolate milk. 

She is still sleeping right now and we are now in day 8, I will only give her Tylenol during the day.  She went back to school on day 6 for 2 hours, day 7 for a half day and the same for today, took lots of water and gum with her.  I hope we are on the upswing now, it kills me for her to be in pain and I wish this was over.  BTW, her snoring has totally gone away and she has been sleeping with her mouth closed!

Like I said in the beginning of my post never get behind on the meds, I set my alarm in the middle of the night to get her up.  Buy lots and lots of gum, I bought Trident bubble gum.  She normally likes mint but I thought it may be too spicy and bubble gum has been fine.  I read a lot of posts that talk of the referred ear pain, knock on wood, she has had no ear pain and I have to think that it is from the chewing and exercising that jaw muscles with the gum.  And try to get them drinking as much as possible.  I was lucky that is all she wanted to do, she drank a ton of water and it really has helped. 






OOPs, I almost forgot, her dr prescribed her 2 weeks of antibiotics and her breath has been fine.  They said the antibotics help with the breath odor.  I know others mentioned how bad it was but I totally didnt think about it because her has been fine.