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Hi All! I am 59 years old and had my tonsils out on Monday. The first 24 hours were a nightmare, but as of today I am not experiencing anything close to what anyone has described. Yes, I have a slight headache and sometimes an earache, no biggy. The worst was that the doc clamped my tongue during the surgery and bruised it. I quess it took my mind off the sore throat. My best friend has been an ice wrap around my neck. I take tylenol for the discomfort. I was reading this site before I went in and you guys scared me to death that I almost canceled the surgery. I bought so much for the recovery that my husband brought it all back. Stay cool, out of the heat, well hydrated and ice wrap around your neck. I also have a water bottle in the freezer, take it out for a few minutes and drink from that.  I am looking forward to life without my tonsils! 


Im a 34 year old male and when i was told that i had to get my tonsils out my doctor said that it would be "hell". I went straight to the computer to read some other stories and that was a big mistake! My anxiety went through the roof! I worried about thre recovery every day for a month until i had my surgery. MY RECOVERY WENT GREAT!!! I followed my doctors orders and everything went very smooth. When i woke up after surgery i had NO pain,only mild discomfort. I actually thought that they hadnt done the surgery. They sent me home with liquid lortab,witch i never had to take more than half of the max amount. I kept a humidfier going while i slept and drank water like it was a drug.12-16oz. an hour.I really think that it made a big differance. My dr. told me to stick to soft,room temp foods for a week or two. I recommend slim fast drinks.They really helped curve my hunger. Other than that it was pudding,applesauce, or anything like that as long as its not to warm or to cold. I stayed on the couch and watched tv. I only had mild discomfort when i swallowed, other than that, i was fine. I never had any problems with my ears either.I heard stories about it but i never had any. After two weeks i was back to regular food and back to work after a week. I have never worried about something so much for nothing in my life. I hope this helps anyone looking for a positive recovery story because honestly, ive had sore throats that were worse than my tonsilectomy