Hey guys. For those of you who are thinking of getting this done or who have already gotten it done and wondering whether you made the right decision.... The answer is YES!!!

It is completely worth doing it!! The pain will be worth whatever problem you had in the end. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You will make it through this!!!

Do not let the pain stop you from drinking water!!! Drink lots and lots and lots of water. The last thing you need is dehydration!!

Keep contact with your doctor. Ask questions, that is what they are there for. Do not let a question linger in your mind, if you feel your health is at risk, CALL! Better safe than sorry! Do not listen to everything you read on the internet. Everyone heals differently!!  Some days might be the most painful days to someone while it might be the easiest day for you. Everyone has a different pain tolerance. 10/10 pain might be 5/10 pain for you.

Dont let John Doe's post scare you. Because he is talking about his personal experience. Reading all the posts about the nightmares is only going to scare you and put questions in your head. I can sit here and tell you about how I went to the ER on day 8 due to bleeding. Does everyone go to the ER on day 8? Of course not, so there is no point in me writing an elaborate story about it just to scare you.


Just sit back and try to relax!! It is your time off and your body needs it to heal.


P.S. Drink more water!