I have posted this to Experts but think it might be lost so perhaps others suffering from this will beable to relate to this.
I am absolutely convinced this condition is what I have. I get Lightning stabbings through my head which are momentarily completely disabling. I also get secondary fizzing in my head. The first is directly related to me being near other people's mobile phones when calls being made and also I can feel the pulse in my head when someone is texting - as if they are simultaneously pressing a button in my head. I have been cleared of any psychosis/mental illness!! The fizzing I seem to get around high electric fields (ironically also get these using computer) also fluorescent lights. I have a tender spot/pain in my left temporal region and on pressing it feels like a tense vein extending vertically direction towards top of my left ear. I have asked my Doc to refer my to Neurologist but waiting time is usually long - do I need to panic!!!!! I suffer from anxiety (which is understandable under my conditions - I also have C7 root compression and Serratus Anterior problems for years C5 I believe - so Trigeminal seems to be the likely cause. My Doc is not convinced as it is usually not connected to an event - but I have read it can be brought on by excited nerve cells - to me it fits - what say you?
Thank you
The Slugx