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Hello to all,

I have the same pains since ages: cold and swollen face, pains in the eyes (I am always sleepy). Nobody knows, why?
I had sinusitis maxill. in the Secondary School and since then my face changed. It was not only sinusitis it was more, because I used to walk on the rain (without umbrella).

Many years ago was diagnosed (in Germany): Trigeminal Neuralgia but not typical. Neurologist there did help me with one injection right down between neck and shoulder blade. I have no idea was this injection in the muscle or in ganglion stellatum. It was good for five years. Later nobody believes me that I have TN. Beside that have diagnosis:
Occipital Neuralgia,
Suprascapular Neuralgia,
Enthesopatia levator scapula.

CT scan from sinusitis shows only Haller's cell.
Radiology shows a bit swollen left side of sinusitis. My pains are all on the right side: from the top of the head over eyes, right ear, right shoulder muscle until right shoulder joint.
Head MRI shows cerebral atrophy (I have it since 2001) as also lesion on the bottom of the right skull.

Neck MRI shows that I have spondylarthrosis from C4/C5, C5/C6 and C6/C7. There is also narrow place between C5 and C6.
I had Radiology of my entire spine, 1993. There are two ligaments: one in the neck and other (long) in the spine.

My thyroid doesn't work and I was told that I was born with small thyroid. I take hormone pills since 1989.
Doctors told me, that my pains are from the neck muscle (not from thyroid and not from the neck).
I may not eat sour and spicy food: have eyes pains and swollen face.
After washing hair have the same and must lie down and wait. I have no painkiller (I used to take pills for many years and now there are no pills to help me) at all and no therapy (classic medicine) to help me. For other therapies have no more money.

Why is my face cold, swollen and my eyes always sleepy?

Thank you for any comment,



Is there nobody to answer me?

Sad story here!