I am 26 and my hubby and i have been trying to conceive for 3 years. Last year on December 21st i had a laparoscopy and dye test to check out my ovaries, tubes etc.. When I came around after the procedure i soon realised that something was wrong as my body was flapping about uncontrollably and I had 7 nurses around my bed. Turns out i had an extreme allergy to the dye used. I was wheeled back to the recovery room under observation swollen and blue in colour covered in bumpy rash. That is when they delivered the devastating news. They found both my tubes were malformed. Birth defect. I was infertile and needing IVF to conceive. Exactly one year later to the date i had missed a period. This wasn't uncommon as the endometriosis (yes I had that too!!) caused me to be late sometimes. But when a week had gone by i thought that i might as well do a test - although i did begrudge the waste of money. Well it was a clear blue digital test and it came back Pregnant 3+ - i did two! I had spotting throughout Christmas and New year. Had 3 ultrasounds confirming a viable pregnancy in the uterus and even saw a heartbeat. I was delighted. During my third ultrasound they were concerned that the baby hasn't grown much but the heartbeat was strong so they scheduled an ultrasound for a weeks time. That week the spotting ceased and i finally relaxed and accepted i was pregnant! When the ultrasound came around i was 8 weeks and confident. Jokes with the sonographer that i had had words with the bean and demanded growth this week. The ultrasound was brief and the sonographer gave me this look and just said "Im so sorry" Babies heart had stopped and there had been no growth since the week before. Devastated is not the word. It's now been two days since we found out and my body still feels pregnant and i haven't started bleeding. Have to make a decision as to what to do. Terrified of the prospect of a natural miscarriage as it will be painful and gorey! But equally as scared of going for a d&c ... Any helpful suggestions?