Ever since I started my period when I was 11 (I'm eighteen now) I've had decently bad cramps, but not until this last year have they become absolutely terrible. It's almost to the point where the whole week of my period I cannot leave the house. My life has to be put on pause because the severe amount of pain that I'm in. I'm almost even nervous to start looking for a job because of the fact that I know I wouldn't be able to go to work for almost the entire week of my period. I've tried everything- all different types of medicine, heating pads, hot baths, walking, not eating junk food- NOTHING helps. The pain gets so badly that I'll lay on the bathroom floor for hours scrunched up into a ball crying. Sometimes I can't even walk without hunching over because the pain is too much for me to handle. It'll be UNBEARABLE for hours and hours and I'll cry, scream, squirm, throw up, and be in outstanding pain until I finally pass out... and then I wake up in no pain what so ever. I'm noticing as each month passes the cramps are getting worse, my periods are getting heavier, and I'm gaining weight. I'm not really sure if the weight thing has to do with anything, but I know that I've maintained about the same weight since I can remember and in the last few months I've packed on 20 pounds (with no change in diet or exercise).
I'm really nervous and curious to find out what's going on with me. I've had my period for almost eight years now and I know that something isn't right. I used to think that maybe I just couldn't take the pain like everyone else, but I've come to realize what I'm going through isn't normal and there must be something causing it/ something that can fix it.

I was hoping that maybe I could find someone on here that might be able to relate to where I'm coming from and give me
some advice on what I could do to ease the pain or what it might be/ what to expect.
I'm already planning on setting up a doctor's appointment hopefully this week, but was hoping to get ideas of what it might be and how it's treated/ looked for.

I'm a virgin, I've never been to the gynecologist (I'm actually terrified to go), and I cannot handle this pain any longer.