Hi all

I have had a twitch in my left eye for about a year, it has been getting worse and worse and now it seems to be pretty constant, it's a slight flicker of my eye lashes that I can't control I seem to get it more when i'm at work, but it can sometimes happen when i'm relaxing reading a book or just having a chat with a friend. As I said it seems to be getting worse and I can now feel a slight pressure sometimes under the eye, my right eye is starting to do the same, although no where near as bad a the left, but I can sometimes feel a pressure at the bottom corner of my right eye.

I also sometimes get small muscle spasms over my body, which could me anything from a small twitch in my arm, to a twitch of a toe. I'm not sure if the problems are related. I also have a headache sometimes, move of a pressure which isn't that bad just a noticeable pressure in my left temple.

Any advice or ideas on what is going on would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me insane.