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I cracked a back tooth a while back for the second time. This past week it's been playing me up but today I am in constant agony. I've been eating 256mg Ibuprofen like bloody sweets, and they just keep it at bay for about 15 minutes ( doesn't even fully get rid of it) before the pain returns with a vengenace.

I'm talking agony. My bottom front teeth hurt, my top teeth hurt, my neck feels like it's been stabbed, my ear aches, my face on the left handside has gone warm, and my eye is starting too ache. It feels like I've bee punched ten times..

I was made redundant not long ago, and I literally don't have any money, so I can't afford the dentist.

I've looked at home remdies to sooth the pain. Unfortunatly I've had to move back in with my parents as I lost my job, and one of the things they say is an parents don't possess one, and sods law, their freezer isn't that cold, so if I put something on my face to cool it down, it warms up after 20 seconds.
Mouth wash isn't working, pain killers aren't working, I don't have any clove of oil, or garlic which is another remedy. It's getting painful to swallow and my cheekbone feels like it hurts for god can it cause so much agony !!!!!
Any help??PLEASE!!!!


Go to any free clinic in your area and have that badboy pulled out.That's the only way to stop the pain at this point.Tooth pain can drive you nuts.When I had a tooth that was screaming pain and thought I going to pass out,I just kept ice in my mouth to numb it.Keep a glass full of ice and freeze the hell out of it till you get it pulled.Take the ice to the dentist with you.It might hurt at first but the ice was the only thing that worked for me. Good Luck...