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to be respected doctor. i've suffering from acne over my all face for the last 5 years which caused my facial skin extremely badly.
i've used many instructions of the vary doctors but got no proper improvement.
what is there a proper advice for skin improvement ?
please, grant me my question's reply as quickly as possible.


I use ProActiv and it works for me.


One things for sure is that you don't want to use harsh facial products because in trying them, you are just going to make your already delicate skin even worse. I recommend trying simpler formulas like the range from e.g. simple (although I've found that it makes me more spotty than before although the wipes are brilliant). Garnier offers a fresh alternative and isn't harsh. For more "natural" alternatives and if you don't want to spend a fortune, then most things from the Body shop are good - although I would take care using the tea tree oil range because it can be quite harsh on your skin.

More specifically for spots, I'd say Dr Nick Lowe's range is pretty good although I've only used the spot creamy thing. Tea tree oil (in the little bottles) are brilliant to help remove the scars/make them less visible although it does take a while.
I've always wanted to try the 'Bio Oil' range from shops e.g. Boots, but it's on the expensive side for me because I don't want to get it and then realise it doesn't work. It claims that it's good for scars etc but I don't know of anyone who's tried it - if you do try it and it works, please message me. :-)

Mmmm yeah, perhaps keep an eye on the foods you eat too, as for some people it could kickstart acne.