I am 30 years old and i have recently found out that i have endometriosis. Since i was 13 i've been suffering from heavy prolonged periods with massive blood clots, to regulate it i was put on several different pills over the last 10 years. I attempted to come off the pill a number of times but the blood clots and cramps would be so severe that i had to go back on the pill as it was ruining my life. I married and decided to try start a family apart so decided to come off the pill. The last 13 months have been pure hell, the blood clots have returned and i'm also bleeding mid cycle and experiencing IBS and shooting pains down my leg. I've had to have a number of days off work when my periods are so severe and the fact that i can't seem to fall pregnant is really getting to me. I've been to the doctors had an ultra sound and was told there was nothing wrong with me and that once i had a baby it would ease except that i can't seem to get pregnant.

I was referred to see a gyaenechologist and had a laparoscopy and it turns out i have endometriosis and i've probably had this condition all along, i feel that at least progress is happening now but since the laparoscopy my periods are exactly the same and i was told i might need another operation to reduce the thickness of the wall but that it can cause infertility so i have some very important decisions to make. I can totally identify with anyone experiencing massive blood clots and painful periods, it's a bit of a taboo subject and because my friends don't have any problems in that area they think that i am over exaggerating. There really should be more support for women in our situations as there doesn't seem to be much out there.

I would love to be a mum one day, keep perceiving with the periods form hell in hope that one month it will happen but it's very hard especially when i have long periods lasting 7-8 days and to the point where i have to go home from work because i can't walk anywhere due to the size of the clots. if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions or even wants to share their problems and chat please reply Thanks, Maz