My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with our third child. He had a vasectomy reversal 3 months ago and we used a doctor whom we had heard about through friends of ours who got pregnant within 4 months of their surgery, 10 years after original vasectomy. My husband had his vasectomy done one month after our second child was born (4 years ago) which was not ok with me, but I think he felt it necessary as his father died 16 days after our sons birth and my husband had too much else to deal with. After years of me crying and having complete psychological break-downs, he finally aggreed that he would have the surgery reversed. We have been trying for three months now and I would just like to know about or hear some positive feedback from others who were able to conceive quickly. I am so afraid that it won't happen that I am driving myself nuts...my youngest is going to be 5 in just 5 months and I don't want to wait anymore. I, quite frankly, am tired of trying to get pregnant and just want to be pregnant!!!! Every time I get my period I am so hurt and angry with my husband because had he not had the vasectomy, I wouldn't have to be going through this pain every month in an effort to have another child. Any encouraging thoughts are greatly welcomed!!!