my period is not always regular and sometimes i skip a month but my last period ended 2/01 and that one was a week and a half late. but i never got my period for febuary or for march and now i have been spotting on and off for about a month and a half. today it was heavier so i thought af was starting but then it stopped but its usually bright pink and a sometimes brown spotting (i know tmi). i took two hpt last month and the first was a really faint negative and the second was a negative line but had marks above the negative line so i figured it was probably just a negative or a bad test . my boyfriend and i always use condoms but not untill after we start for a little while.i have cramps sometimes, some smells bug me a little, and i have waves of neusea but have not really gotten sick and my boobs do hurt a little but is all this in my head or is something else wrong. so confused.( sorry for bad spelling) also have been a little stressed at work and a little stressed because my last period was in january.