both were given on my buttocks, right and left, one was a B-12 shot, and

another a Fentanyl for pain shot..well, as soon as she adminestered them

both of my 'legs' were numb and was painful to walk...after that it was just too painful to walk..i went home, and both sites were 'bleeding for a while'..and i had a very painful night couldnt sleep on my back..  The following day,, all of my "buttock' area was 'black and blue' and i was in extreme pain..well, its been a 'year now' and Iam still in pain, the lumps are still there, the size of a quarter, very painful to the touch, both of them, and i just can walk like i use to...Its very painful to sleep, when i 'turn to the sides' i feel like they are 'pulling and tearing my skin of my buttocks'..

I did go to my PcP 3 days after the major 'bruising' when they saw my 'buttocks" both regular nurses started to 'cry' they just could believe the

horrible 'site' of my buttocks..plus the pain, its still horrible...The 'nurse' that gave me the 'shots' was 'fired' after 3 days, because i wasnt the only person she 'harmed' while injecting them. Also, along with the painful lumps, not available to walk without pain, also i now suffer from 'incontinence'...so, i dont know if she 'damage' my sciatic nerve or what?

but iam just in pain, all of the time, and when i 'touch' the lumps, its soo painful and a 'zap' just travels down both of my legs, pain and a burning sensation.....I took pictures of my 'very badly bruised buttocks' just because it was so 'horrible to look at'...

Now, the same 'shots' have been given to me in the past 6 yrs, in the same place, but from a regular nurse that 'worked' there...The nurse that gave me the 'damaging shots' that day, was just hired that week..

She only lasted a week.because like i stated, i was one of 3 people who she 'injured'..


..Anybody has a ;clue' what really is happening to me?..My regular PCP where this happened, no longer wants to 'see' me, he justs avoids me, and it has taking months to get another 'second' opinion...Its been a year now, iam bed-ridden its just too painful to walk, and i havent gotten a 'decent' sleep for over a year now..the pains keep me in a 7-9  pain range.


any people out there with a similiar case?..or a MD that can give me any clue to what happened to me, and if this is now a permanent thing?

and what or what type of Dr should i see for this?

Any advice is welcomed, my email is available for any info in this matter.


Thank you