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Hello everyone.

My female cat is pregnant. Again.

I was thinking that she will stop being pregnant lol :)

Silly me, I know.

I went to see my vet and I asked him can I do anything about this. I can’t do nothing now but I can do after she brings cute kittens to this world.

He suggested me to spay her.


I am really skeptical because I don’t know a lot of people who did this to their cats. So I was wondering can you tell me how painful is cat spaying? Any idea?

Will she recover soon after this procedure?

Tnx a lot.


Hello Millie.


Don’t worry this is a normal procedure for your cat. It is surgical procedure and your vet will do this procedure in the clinic or animal hospitals.


The problem is what is going on after the surgery.

Well…After the surgery I don’t think that pain is the main reason for you to worry about.

You may notice that your cat is grumpier and more sleepy than usual.

She will need more of your and your vet’s attention.


If your cat is feeling the pain the vet will give her a shot that will help her.

But that is all pretty much normal and it happens to all cats.



Hey. There is no pain. At least there was no pain in the case of my cat. She was not uncomfortable the day after spaying.


Vet prescribed oral med Metacam. It was just in case. It is not expensive. It cost 10 to 12 dollars, I am not sure.

It is a liquid and it is not hard to give.

I was giving this to my cat for three days because she was grumpy but she was not in pain.


I believe that every case is different. Maybe your cat will be in pain but the vet will take care of it ;)


Good luck!




Hey everybody,

Millie, the best thing you can do is to find a cat that is already spayed and ask her if she was in pain :) . Just joking, of course.

As far as I know, it’s not a painful process at all. After the spaying is done, your cat will be kind of…uninterested in anything that is going on. She will sleep more, eat less, walk less, play less, but it is a normal thing to happen after this surgery.

She should be feeling better in a few days time, until then, you will have to get used to her new behavior. In case her condition endures, you should consult your vet.



Hi there,

I believe that it is not painful at all.

I have two cats, both of them spayed when they were kittens and they didn’t show anything that would make me think that they were in pain. They weren’t even grumpy as everyone says, maybe because they were still really small. They were sleepy, that’s true, but only for two days.

I heard that some people say, and it’s just something that I heard, that your cat might lose her will for living when she gets spayed, meaning that she won’t be interested in anything anymore. She’ll just sleep all day and nap all night, haha. But it’s just something that I heard.



Hello. Cat spaying it is not painful because vet is going to give anesthesia to your cat and she won’t feel a thing. I don’t have a cat but when my mom did this procedure with her cat, everything was just fine. True, she was a little bit disoriented for a three days and she was tired all the time. I just can’t describe you how grumpy she was for those three days. All you need to do is to respect her current condition because it will be over soon. There are a few antibiotics but I would not use anything without vet’s prescription.



I don’t have any experience with cat spaying. I do have cats, I’m actually a proud owner of three little kittens and one adult cat now, but I have never considered spaying them.

There is no reason to, at least I think so. I don’t believe in those stories about how your can will be healthier and stuff like that. The only reason I would ever consider spaying is because of unwanted kittens. And since I keep my cats indoor there is no reason to worry about that.

And I do think it’s painful, even though I’m aware that it’s a routine procedure.



I will have to change my opinion when it comes to this. I talked with my friend yesterday, her sister is a vet and somehow we got to the cat spaying topic.

She is about to spay her cat and she told me she feels bad she needs to do that to her since she knows that it will be painful for her.

So there it is, it is painful. Not too much since your cat will receive a shot to help her go through it, but still… it’s not pleasant.

She must know better than me since her sister is a vet for almost ten years now.