Since i had my child 4 years ago, i have been getting re occurring hard, red, painful lumps on my buttocks. I get about 5, all at different times but all in the same places which come and go. They start as a small lump and over the course of a week, they get bigger and bigger. Two are situated on my bum bone, so when they flare up i cannot sit down. The others are higher up so i can't lean back. Once they have reached their capacity, size of a golf ball, they then take about a week to subside. They produce such redness and, what i can only describe as, a hard disc under the skin. No head ever develops. I have been misdiagnosed so many times that i am now at my witts end. Its not boils because no head forms and no white surface, just redness and hard to touch and extremely painful. Never suffered with acne in my life. When they get so big i end up being extremely tired and sluggish. :-(