A 61-year-old hypnotist from UK Alex Lenkei, has worked himself into a trance in order to undergo a surgery in his arm without an anaesthetic. He underwent the surgery and reported feeling no pain but hearing his surgeon and cracking of bones all the way through the surgery.

He said that it took him about 30 seconds to put himself under for the 83-minute surgery to treat painful osteoarthritis. He wasn't aware of any part of his body apart from the arm and could feel the surgeon pulling and manipulating and hearing the bones cracking but reported no pain what so ever.

He also reported everything the surgeon, his assistants and anaethetist were talking during the surgery. An anaesthetist was by his side in case of any problems but the doctors were astonished to find that the patient showed no reaction to the work being done.
The surgeon stated that they would know if Alex was in pain and bearing as they followed his breathing and his heart rate but they remained constant throughout the surgery.

The surgeon who operated on the hypnotist supporter his decision about going under as he hopes that hypnotism of patients would reduce fears about coming in for surgery, as well as lessen the amount of anaesthetic used to prevent patients becoming ill afterwards.

Studies had suggested that avoiding standard anaesthetics would speed recovery and reduce time spent in hospital.

Alex Lenkei performed such stunts before when he was hypnotised by another hypnotist when he had a hernia operation in 1996 and when he hypnotised his son to reduce the pain when he broke his arm when he was a child.