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Hello to everyone. I didn't know that there are so many people with the same problem :-).

Few days ago a had surgery on my left foot. I have 3 broken bones and torn ligament(lisfranc fracture).
Probably that's why they put 3 pins and a screw inside, haha. Now i feel much better,
and almost don't feel any pain at all. I'm currently in a cast, and according to what
the doctor said, will wear it for about 6 weeks. And all that because of stupid wrestling match.
Just hard to believe.

I'm currently waiting for studies to begin - going for another degree. But the worst part
of the story is that I've been preparing myself long time for this summer. Finally, no work,
no studies, no worries. Well, we are not in control of everything, guess Who...

Tomorrow i have an appointment with the surgeon. My hope is to get better as fast as possible.



hi alex, I've just read your post and wondered how you got on or are getting on. Please let me know, i have suffered sinilar injury but no surgery as yet but it has been mentioned.



Now, after many years, everything is fine. They removed 3 pins after 2-3 weeks after 1st surgery but left the screw. So I had another surgery after a year post the 1st surgery to remove the screw.They told me it can be there forever and I will have to wear special inserts for the rest of my life.

After a year and after I ran 10 miles with that screw, I asked them to remove it. They said OK, and said that it might not reduce the pain that i have. well, It did big deal. Almost no pain at all after the second surgery. After they removed that screw It felt MUCH better. And since your bones healed, why to keep it there?

now I can do any sports I want, running, skiing, swimming, etc...

It might have a little pain in the foot sometimes, but not a dig deal. I can say its 95% healthy.

Hope you feel better.


Hi there, i am really pleased to hear that your ok regarding this injury, i have read alot of stuff on the interenet regaring this injury and the outcome doesn't seem that good. Hopefully i will recover, but reading your reply has given me faith that i will get back to normal. Thankyou for taking the time to reply. I am looking to move to australia in the near future and until today i thought that would not happen, but after reading your post i have a positive attitude to my injury and realised it's going to take time. Thankyou