hi. im an 18 year old female and ever since i can seem to remember i have had these episodes where i cry over the littlest of things and get so angry that no one can seem to calm me down, and sometimes resulting in manic episodes where i hit things others and most of the time myself. my family is scared to even attempt to calm me down due to the fact they dont know how i will react. im tired of feeling crazy i want control but i often feel as if i have no control over my thoughts or the words that come out of my mouth. its like my mind is racing and i think of stupid things and i say those stupid things even though i know they arent right for me to say i dont know why i say them. i dont know what is wrong with me i want to change. im ruining all the relationships with the people i love. my mother says that ever since i was a baby and would get upset i would pull out my own hair cry over the smallest of things. the littlest things set me off.