I just got out of an 11 month relationship. We were engaged. She has PTSD and Manic-Depressant bi-polar. Well every good person in her life she has pushed away or pissed off. We fell in love and when times were good they were amazing. When times were bad, she would get so mad, say hurtful things like she cheated on me, she never loved me, say things about my family. I would come back twice as hard, sometimes i would start crying, alot of times she would just start crying, and i would go comfort her and say sorry and all that. Shed hug me and be all cuddly. Shed talk to my friends about how shes using me just for my money..but we lived at her grandmas and share my car. I recently hired a guy to work for me, she made a jk "oh sharpshooter" flirty. well me n her get into a fight friday. bad one. she kicks me out, says were over(like every major fight) and has her friend come get her. long story short, this guy i hired, "my friend"and her had been texting, they both say theyve been hanging out and having sex!!! Both have been texting me trying to make me feel like sh*t, but occassionally shell calm down and be all nice. me and her hung out monday and tuesday, she cried but i dont think it was over me. This guy is a player and uses girls. Well i keep questioning myself wondering if they really are or if they are just trying to make me tougher?...She called me last night from private number at 1am, crying says sorry and hangs up. i call her back and ask why she did that, she says what are you talking about?..she starts crying and hangs up again...PLEASE HELP ME...LOVE HER VERY MUCH AND HER DAUGHTER AND JUST WANT US TO WORK THROUGH THIS, but I dont know how to get her to stop being like this. It hurts because I just want us happy again. Her to get help or both of us to get help together.