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ive smoked weed for three years basically all day everyday but yesterday i experienced something ive never felt before. i was sitting on a couch with my two friends watching a movie and out of no where i started balling and couldnt stop. i got up got water and thought i was okay but a few minutes later i started to cry again, i fell on the floor and felt like i was drunk. but the thing is i wasnt even thatt high to begin with. why did this happen it freaked me the f**k out?! im never smoking weed again


Hello there,

Well I think that your decision not to smoke weed ever again is a great choice. I presume that uncontrolled crying was a consequence of your smoking and that somehow your brain was affected in this way. It doesn’t matter how high you are weed is affecting your brain and brain is controlling your emotions.   

If by any chance this happens again, during regular or normal day you will have to see your doctor. But I believe that this is consequence of smoking weed. Something similar has happened to one of my friends but this was like 10 years ago. The same cause and almost same result. But we were watching some movie so maybe this caused her crying that much.