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I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. Six months ago he started acting really strange. He changed so much, started acting really aggressive towards me. We are no longer together, however, I would like to know if it's possible that he has bipolar disorder because I have noticed that he had some symptoms?


It is impossible for me to diagnose your ex like this, so I can not tell you if he has bipolar disorder or not. I can help you by giving you some basic information about this disorder and if you still believe that he has it, I advise you to talk to him. See if he is getting any help and how he is dealing with it if he has it. Bipolar disorder is another, professional term for manic depression. It is believed that bipolar disorder affects more creative, sensitive people, high achievers etc, but in general it can affect any person. The cause of this disorder is unknown. The number of manic and depressive episodes varies from person to person, and these episodes can be triggered by many factors. The illness manifests itself with the episodes of mania followed by low mood or depression. Manic depression can make a person feel like it has superhuman energy and abilities, and on the other side send into a state where it seems like the suicide is the only way out. There is no real cure for manic depression, but there are some medications that can control the episodes.


What you describe could be anything, desribing any number of guys, and should not be blamed on bipolar. My boyfriend and I have been together a lot longer than you guys were, and we are doing fabulously. I have no trouble meeting men. The guy I date is a wonderful young guy in his late 30's and by far the best man I have been with.

Some of these guys are wrecked by the medications. there is beginning to be a huge backlash against them as they are very unnatural and not meant for the human body to digest. My guy uses some ofd the things you see elsewhere, like in India and China and South America. He uses Meditation, Yoga, Breathing Tapes, and gets outside all the time and exercises a lot.

He hasnt had a problem in almost 11 yrs. Ive known him since we were in high school. He was hospitalized twice back then and had severe pain from a sports injury that I think either led to it, or made it worse. (his leg was crushed and he had to take pain killers to survive)

He takes nothing these days and hasnt for 5 years and we do great. it all comes down to what everyone says. In the beginning, you need to have both parties make expectations clear.

Loyalty, love, and no abuse will be the order of the day, or the other person will leave.

We understood that from the start and we still understand it. i am very loved and fortunate to have found Dave as my life would never be the same without him. But I can look past the hospitalizations as Im not Elitist and dont care what other stuck up girls think about him or me. I can date anytime I want, as Im very in shape, people tell me Im very cute, and enough guys sure come onto me, like Im sure they do to many of you.

My boyfriend has proven himself to me and i see him for the sweet human being that he is, not some monster that some evil girls out there like to mark him as, just because he once had a mental breakdown. They will never have a guy like him, and I know it, and he knows it. In the end, i think my love saved him, and his love made my life something very different than anything I had ever known.

I guess what im trying to say, is stop trying to categorize someone or something as "the reason". Some guys just are selfish and some arent.

Guys who once had bipolar or still do are like everyone else. they run the gamut. i would definitely get him off those harmful drugs as he can do it without it. Many have. Its sad so many girls and guys are so brainwashed and enslaved by the psychiatrists and drug industry (and uninformed women) that con people into thinking people with these things cant live or survive without medication. Its a crock, from a bunch of ignorants.