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Perhaps my topic title isn't quite clear, so I will explain what I mean. I heard on previous occasions that there are quite a few people who have Diabetes without realising it, which makes me wonder what happens when a person is not treated. If you have Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus, what is the prognosis? Do you think that the majority of such cases will come up against complications caused by Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus, and will die from them? Or is the impact less severe? Are there any figures on this from developing countries, where medication might not be readily available? I would be interested in hearing more about this!


Hi Miguel,

The diabetes mellitus is known just as diabetes for many people. The high blood sugar is what is causing this disease in people. Your body experience many complications from the disease and it is hard not to get diagnosed, especially is now days where there are blood sugar tester that you can have at home. Diabetes doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases and there for if diabetes is not treated you may have serious complications that might lead to death. Other less sever are of course complications with the eye that might lead to blindness. Kidney issues are also often seen in patients with diabetes mellitus. The good thing is that today the disease is manageable on the long run.