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What are the recent statistics available about the life expectancy of people who have juvenile diabetes? I would appreciate seeing graphs that show how the life expectancy has changed for juvenile diabetes over the years, if it has, indeed, changed. I imagine that now, with better medication and better access to medication, the life expectancy for juvenile diabetes has increased?


Hi Herbie,

I really can’t show you any graph, nor I can give you detailed view on life expectancy for patients with juvenile diabetes. However I will try to tell you some information that I know. First life expectancy is less for 15 years then with people who don’t have this condition. The positive thing that change over two decades is that now you have home your mobile blood sugar tester, so you can test and monitor your blood sugar on a regular basis, and with any changes you can act accordingly. It all ends up to the individual person and his/hers determination to actively participate in managing process. Were you diagnosed with juvenile diabetes Herbie or someone close to you?