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About two months ago I started waking up with lower abdominal pain and nausea, after sleeping all night on my stomach. At first I attributed this to bad posture while sleepingm but then I started to get other symptoms as well, including:

Constant nausea and abdominal pain (every type of pain, from stabbing pains, to a dull ache, to an irritating pressure)
Thin, pale stools that range from light brown to yellow
Lower and mid-back pain
My colon is very sensitive to the touch (if you press down in my lower left quadrant, right where my colon is, it hurts badly)

I have seen my physician, a nephrologist, urologist, and ER doctors. I have had an abdominal X-ray, a CT scan, an ultrasound of my bladder, a digital rectal exam, blood, and urine tests.

The only thing that has ever shown up on any of the tests is when I went to the ER (4 days ago) they did a CT scan which showed "swollen lumph nodes around my intestines."

The abdominal pain and nausea are getting worse, and I can't get an answer from a doctor. Any advice???


If you have swollen lymph nodes around your intestines then that means that you have some sort of bacterial or viral infection and that means that a doctor should be able to diagnose you with something. Have you gone to see a gastroenterologist yet? It sounds like it would be his area of expertise. Let me know!


This sounds exactly like what I'm going through right now :( including the ER and tests and swollen lymph nodes.