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I am just wanting to know if lymph nodes are found in the stomach region of your body and what it would mean if you have alot of them that show up on a ct scan. I had a ct scan 2 months ago and they were not noticeable and now they are. I am very very very scared and this has almost ruined my life. I dont have health insurance and went to the ER and that is when they were ordered the ct scan because they thought that it was nessassary. The results were sent to an Oncologist and the oncologist said that he did not see reason for alarm but would see me only after I completed a series of tests.I am a single parent of two small boys. I just turned 31 and would like to know if I have reason for worrying this bad.

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Hi there! I also had ct scan a few months ago because I suffered from persistent stomach pain. I didn’t even know that there were so many lymph nodes in the stomach area. It is normal that they saw so many. What did the doctors tell you? Are these lymph nodes enlarged ?
Do you know what they are suspecting?
In my case, they did a ct scan first ( I don’t know what they suspected) and the they ordered an ultrasound and found I had gallstones.

Did you run these other tests? What did they show?