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I am a 30-year-old female last week I had a sharp pain in my chest (right side). I went to see my GP and he suggested that I have chest x-ray. After viewing the x-ray at his office he said I probably have chest inflammation or a pulled muscle. He said the X-ray just showed a few swollen blood vessels/inflammation. Two days ago the radiology department called me said that they would like to set up a CT-scan because I have swollen lymph nodes in my chest and they want to check them out. My husband and are concerned any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi h3at1.

You shouldn't worry, although call for additional CT scan might be scary as hell. I know that. I remember having that nasty UTI problem few years ago, I was told that I have infection, but later doctor scheduled CT scan because they've noticed enlarged lymph nodes in my groin. I was absolutely terrified, because I thought I had cancer. I couldn't eat or sleep waiting for CT and then later for results. Anyway, everything was ok.It was just that nasty infection I cured with long sessions of antibiotics. But doctors need to be sure about all symptoms. I'm sure that's the case with you too. Doctors already recognized inflamed and swollen vessels, probably due to infection. Swollen lymph nodes are also caused by this infection, but any change in lymph glands or nodes should be checked because of other conditions that have swollen lymph nodes as a symptom.