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So I started taking the birth control pill when I started my period last month, I was on day 4 and my boyfriend n I had unprotected sex he came in me I took the next day pill and the day after we had unprotected sex this time he didn't finished in me but I read Pre cum can get u pregnant I haven't missed my period yet n still on the pill my concern is that it's been 10 days since all that happened and I have nausea every time I eat I throw up, I've spotted only for a day it was pink and my abdomen is hard and it feels bloated my breast doesn't really hurt just a little bit but not really.. Could I be pregnant?


Hello, Im 18 years old and im also on a birth control, i have the implant. If you were pregnant your stomach wouldnt be hard yet that usually doesnt happen till the 3rd or 4th month. These symptoms your getting could also be the side affects of the pill. its unlikely that your pregnant because you have said that you havent skipped your period

However because you had intercourse that is still that chance that you could be, but from what you have been saying its a slim chance.

I would go to the doctors anyway because of the symptoms your having, it could be bad side effects from the pill and if it is then maybe a new form of birth control could be discussed :)

i hope all goes well!