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Hi to all !

Please, sorry for a long post, but please, read it, so you can see all my "picture".

This is my story:

I had protected vaginal sex with prostitute on April, 3. As I said, the sex was with condom, but 3-4 hours before the sex, I've shaved some muff at root and down part of my penis, without any visible skin injury or bleeding. It was normal intercourse (without perversions), and did not last more than 10 minutes.

When I got home I started to think what I did and started to worry and thinking about what maybe be happening, especially because I shaved some hairs on my penis and my basic worry is what if the vaginal fluids are passed to my bloodstream through micro-cuts in my skin (if they existed).
Three days later (April, 6.) I developed low grade fever 37.2 C (99F) and mild sore throat. I was scared. The fever was present only during the day in range 37.0-37.3 C (98.6-99.2 F). After 10:00PM approximatively, it stops and I feel better (the temperature is in range 36.3-36.7 C). From 10:00 or 11:00 AM, the fever backs. Also, I sometimes felt my hand or some part of body are very hot. I developed some sort of dizziness (lightheadedness) after 3-4 days and feel little lack of power in my knees and legs. I think that my tongue was little white (not sure) and little rough. Sometimes I had strange cold-sweats. This condition lasts from April, 6. I must mention that I had/have huge huge stress, I'm constantly thinking about this. For the first 2 weeks I didn’t eat and lost some kilos. I could not say that my lack of appetite was bound to this, because, when I felt little relaxed, I felt little hungry. I don't know did I developed rush, but I spotted two little red raised spots on my left forearm and one little red spot on my right forearm. All three were in center of a hair. They resolved after 3-4 days.

On April 13, I did standard blood test, just to see what is the current blood state. Everything was OK.

Also, on April 16 (2 weeks after possible exposure), I did ELFA-HIV-Antigen test and it was negative. It was relaxed me little.

I didn't develop headaches, join pain, vomiting or nausea. Sometimes, I felt pain in my neck, but nothing was swollen (just as you sleep in wrong position) – resolved in one day.

Around April 20, I developed some type of muscle twitching. It lasted a few days. Also, I noticed 3 red small bumps at my right thigh – don’t know can it be in a relation with hiv rash.

From April 21, my body temperature backed to normal ranges. Also, I relaxed myself little – started to eat, etc. Muscle twitching was occurred sometimes, but more rarely. I had dizziness (lightheadedness) sometimes.

I have had some exams with doctors: infectology expert and dermatovenerology expert, but all said to me that everything is OK and this state is projection of my huge fear and stress. But… I’m so worried.

From April 25 to May 03, my body temperature increased again to range 37.0-37.3 C (98.6-99.2 F) for only few hours per day. Also, during nights everything is OK. My stress is raised again.

On May 04 (31st day from potential exposure) I did mini-Vidas ELFA HIV DUO Anitgen/Antibody test. It was negative. Doctor said to me that I can rely on this result, because the manufacturer’s recommendation for test is 28 days from potential exposure. Again, my body temperature backed in normal range.

Sometimes I feel some very little pain in my neck and armpits. One day it is neck, one day it is left armpit, other day right armpit, etc. Also, I think that I have something little swollen, but I’m not sure, because I constantly weigh on my neck and armpits with my fingers, so maybe it causes small pain I have.

During this 6 weeks, I very often had/have diarrhea, but only once per day without any other stomach problem or pain.
Also, I’m not sure, but I think that it was about several days or maybe during the second week, I developed or spotted (maybe I did not notice it before) one white thick line on my inner cheek (1,5-2cm in length) and one very small while lesion on my right cheek. The dentist told me that it is bound to the irritation caused by small bites of my teeth (she said that I constantly bite myself – cheek). It is sometimes almost unnoticeable and sometimes is visible. But, I’m scared that it maybe oral hair leukoplakia. Just to notice: I have no any changes on the lateral sides of my tongue. Also, maybe my tongue is little white, but the dentist said to me that everything is normal with my tongue.

On May 17 (today) – 6 weeks after potential exposure - I did another HIV test. It was Roche HIV Combi Ag/Ab test. Reslat = negative (non-reactive).

I'm still concern about window period and what if I did not develop detectable amount of antigens or antibodies during this first 6 weeks. And millions of "what if" questions...

I feel much better now, but I still have panic attacks and I'm constantly thinking about my situation. I don't know is it possible for ARS symptoms to show during some days, then disappear, and show again after few days (for example neck pain, watery stool (some days I have normal stool and one day I have watery), raised body temperature to 37.1C (98.8F) for one or two hour, etc).

I did again complete blood test, with liver enzymes and thyroid hormones, CRP and erythrocyte sedimentation and everything is OK and in normal ranges.

Because of OHL assumption, I did Epstein-Barr virus test (I’ve read that the OHL is related to EBV in HIV infected persion). The results:
Epstein-Barr CA IgM At = <10,0 U/ml (ref.value <20,0) => OK
Epstein-Barr CA IgG At = 655,0 U/ml (ref.value <20,0) => not OK.
In laboratory, the doctor said to me that I had the infection in the past (not known when), and said that everything is OK. But, I'm very scared and concerned.

Again, my HIV-related test results:
- 2 weeks - HIV antigen test -> negative
- 4 weeks - mini-Vidas DUO HIV Ag/Ab test -> negative
- 6 weeks - Roche HIV Combi Ag/Ab test -> negative

What do you think about my concerning and these questions:
1. What are the chances of me getting HIV?
2. Could this be a sign of some ARS or early HIV symptoms?
3. Is the temperature of 37.2C (99F) considered as ARS fever?
4. Can the white appearances in my mouth be considered as oral hairy leukoplakia?
5. Can HIV damage the immune system so fast, for 6 weeks, and some of such infections can show or reactivate?
6. Could this really be a projection of my very huge scare, stress and anxiety?
7. Can I rely on my HIV test results as conclusive?

Please, sorry again for this long message, but I'm very anxious with huge panic attacks and constantly in stress.

Thank you all in advance!
Best regards !


I have severe anxiety, and all of this sounds just like anxiety...your probably just worrying way too much that it's becoming a toll on your physical body. And from what it sounds like I wouldn't be worried about STD's or HIV considering everything has come out normal. GOOD LUCK!


You worry too much, it is a coincidence you are are having these symptoms coinciding. Test again at six months if it is that big of a deal- should be reliable, antibody will be present if your infected. Try not to have sex with prostitutes, that is risky business.



Hi scared ,how are you feeling now..i have same symptoms as like you now


Please get married and let that be your last fornication experience. Also stop reading and researching about HIV or AIDS and live your life!