i have had sex with 3 men, I slept with first man 24/25th June 2017 had a period for 4/5 days then slept with the other man 3 times whilst I was still bleeding which was 28th 29th 30th of June it was becoming lighter bleeding by the 29th/30th and then I slept with someone on the 5th of July, I have been for my first scan which they told me the baby was 12 weeks and 5 days so Iv worked out I fell pregnant on the 29th June (which is guy number 2) would you say this is correct ? Who do you think the most possible is ? Please help xx I'm not with any of these men so haven't cheated on any of them been honest with all 3 and they are all supportive and will do what's needed to whoever is the dad obviously I am going to get DNA but just a second opinion to try and rule of maybe one or who will be more likely please help :) X