My husband and I are having very similar symptoms.  He has had them before we got married close to 7 years.  My husband gets pains all throughout the trunk of his body.  Stings and sharp needle pain, even feels like limbs are going to sleep type feeling.  We sometimes think it is gas traveling throughout his body, but we don't know.  Both of our bowels smell horribly, like we have eaten something hideous, and we get constipated a lot.  He gets stings from the sun, wind, if air conditioning is on or heat, and can't ride in a car any longer because of the pain and smells (even if he keeps the windows up) air blows into the vehicle from the outside and causes pain.  If either of us touch anything, or even go into a room that area will have a sweet/salty scent from us.  It seems like something is inside our bodies that gives off this odor, it is very strong and when you wash your body and clothes the sweet/salty smell is still there.  We threw away all of our clothes, went to the store and purchased some more, showered in a motel and because we had the other clothes on when we bought the new ones, the new clothes also have the sweet/salty smell.  Everything in our apartment does too.  We rented a car and when we got in the new car we could smell the air freshener, not even 5 minutes had passed and we could no longer smell that air freshener, the odor we smelled was like musty mold or something.  We went to a rental store to rent a bed because we threw ours away and when the new bed arrived it also smelled.  We went back to the store, now it smells too.  Have we been exposed to something toxic?  Where can we get tested? We no longer wash our clothe because they would come out of the dryer HOT to the touch even hours later.  We only buy clothes wear them until we can't stand the odor any more and throw them away.  This is getting very expensive.  We've had blood tests and the doctor says nothing is unusual.  Should we be worried about this?