It started a few months ago the first We were not sure what they are. We couldn't see them. We started feeling something crawling in our skin especially in the back of our backs. And started getting pin prick bites. I started seeing very tinny black dots around me as white specks. We have tried ivermectin, permethrin cream, pesticides 91% alcohol, cleaning house with vinegar and water, soaking clothes with ammonia. We wash all clothes ii read many forum but people post they have body lice hardly comes  back and tell us what they did to get rid of them. I'm feeling desperate as these pI thew all of my clothes and a few new clothes. Wash all of I can with hottest water after soaking them in ammonia. All of my work clothes to dry cleaner. Thew away bed a bought futon sofa. I covered the futon with bed bug mattress encasing. I vacuum everyday and thew away sweepers. My boyfriend and my dog are not get bothered as much as I have been. I take epsom salt baths twice a day. All of my clothes are in bag or in tight sealed containers.i vacuum my car everyday but my car is fully infested. Now my work too. All the information about body lice is completely wrong. They are not easy to kill. They quickly and surely hide in your environment and come out when you are in there. As soon as I get in my car, they land in my clean clothes. As soon as I set in my work chair they land on my clean work clothes. I can't clean there as much as I do at my house. We don't know how we get body lice as we are clean people who tak shower everyday and washed clothes regularly. They are very very bothersome. No matter how clean our body and clothes are they hide in our surrendering and target us. Please help us!!!! I want to be suffering any longer.... now they are in our scalps.