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I was wondering what the 'average' clothing size people went to after tummy tuck. I am a size 16 now and I am hoping to be a size 12. Is that an unreasonable size change?


Well this is very tricky question and maybe your surgeon is the only one who can give you precise answer. My mum had the tummy tuck surgery two years ago and she was very satisfied. She was size 14 and now she is size 10 so maybe you can expect to be size 12 after the surgery. 

Did you discuss about the surgery with your surgeon and are you aware of everything you need to do before and after the surgery? If you did be sure that you follow the procedure and before the surgery you need to avoid the aspirin and tell to your doctor of all over the counter drugs which you are taking because some of them may increase bleeding. 

After the surgery you will need to go back to your doctor for stitches removal and regular check up. My mother has recovered very fast so Hopefully you are going to. Let me know how all went and did you manage to fit in size 12.