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I had a tummy tuck in May 2008 and had no post surgery problems. However I am really fed up as my upper tummy is now wider than my hips and I seem to have quie a pronounced spare tyre as well. I went to see a surgeon in the uK who advised that I should have a re-do as the original surgery was too conservative, the belly button not central and that there was stil a lotof loose skin. I would liek to know if anybody has had a re-do and if it was a success. in additon what is th eminimum time you can leave between ops as I would liek mine done as soon as possible


Well I was reading that redoing tummy tuck can improve the results of a previous surgery so that answers that part of your question. And if you are not satisfied with the way your tummy looks like now you definitely need to do something about it.

Have you been working out after your surgery to keep the results of the surgery? Or at least did you adjust your nutrition?
If you haven't then maybe this is one of the reasons why your upper tummy is wider.

And since you are few years after your first surgery there shouldn't be any kind of problems of getting another one but this time choose other surgeon and before you do ask around about him. The best information you are going to get from previous patients. And maybe it is better to pay a little bit extra and to have perfect tummy tuck then to try to save up and after few years redoing the same procedure.