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my friend had a tummy tuck surgery, and after 2 weaks she developed some blisters around the waist and the belly bottom, the doctor adviced her not to use the tight girdle for a few days, I want to know if this is normal she sometimes bleeds. thanks silvia


Hey since my mother had abdominoplasty I can tell you everything you need to know about it.
First off all it seems that your friend didn't follow the instructions she was given by her doctor. It is strongly advices to wear comfortable clothes two weeks after the surgery. And every discomfort should be reported to her surgeon immediately.

Tummy tuck surgery doesn't have any serious side effects especially if you follow the instructions. There are off course two things which are not comfortable. First is the cost of the procedure and the second one is the scar which can't be avoided.  

And what was the main reason your friend undergo this procedure? Stretch marks or something else? It is great that you are such a good friend to help her to not to go through the recovery process all by herself. Ok, it is a cosmetic surgery but she knows that she can count on you.