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Dear all. I am experiencing lot of discomfort in my urethra from the tube starts under the testis to the top of penis. But he issue is the same since last 9 years, tried antibiotics, had all the required tests, urine, ultrasound etc, all normal. Nothing is being diagnosed. But what it makes feel is that urine again and again, because it creates a discomfort in the center of the penis, and to get rid of it I pass out the urine, but it has made me a lot in panic. I want to get rid of it. Now I feel a pain as well in the urinary tube when I push it under the testis but not so hard. But what it makes me feel that there is a wound inside. Urine flow is also perfectly fine. So its a myth to sort out the issue.Kindly give me some tip except saying drink lot of water make this that test etc, I have tried everything. I did a lot of masturbation in past. So could that be the side effect of it??


Have you had a doctor check your prostate?  Some symptoms you describe can be caused by prostate issues.

Masturbating too much/too little doesn't cause it, although if you're REALLY doing it a lot, you can inflame the urethra, which can cause pain when urinating.