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I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder a few months ago and I was put on both a mood stabiliser and an antidepressent but these ablets made me feel 10 times worse and very suicidal so I weaned myself off the tablets and I know take nothing. The problem is I get violent thoughts and although I beleive I would never act on them I am worried that when I am in a manic low I may act on them. SO is their any one out there that has the disorder and that can recommend a herbal tablet that could control my moods.


I am sorry to say but I don't think an herbal med is your answer. Did you try your meds for AT LEAST 2 weeks....that's how long it takes them to stabilize and for the unappealing side effects to wear can never really tell for sure if they are the right meds for you unless you give them that 2 weeks....If you did you need to see your provider (or another one) and try something else. Very rarely is the first prescribed the right one for you...there are so many out there and its a trial and error to get it right....the important thing to rememer is not to give up.
Please, try at least 2 more med might be suprised.

If you are determined to not take meds there are a couple of alternitive therapies out there but you need to dedicate yourself to them and find a provider in your area that is willing to use them. Do some research on the internet or PM me your city and I can find out what is available in your area. Please don't do nothing. That would be the worst you could do. Good luck and don't give will feel well again soon.