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I'm not trying to offend anybody and I apologize in advance if I do. I know this guy in my Psych class name Alex who has been diagnosed with bipolar. However, there was this one time was when we were discussing a homework problem and he gave an answer so I said yeah and started writing down what he wrote and out of nowhere he was like "is there a problem?" I randomly ran across a site in which a guy who has bipolar disorder said that ppl with this disorder lack empathy. However, Alex seems respectful and kind to me. For example, when I drop stuff he will always pick it up for me and he doesnt like to talk over ppl. Like one time we were talking at the same time and he made me finish first. The guy on the website also said that ppl with bipolar disorder can detect fake people really well. I also read somewhere that ppl with this disorder can hide what they're thinking and feeling very well and that they tend to not have a lot of friends. That doesn't seem to be the case for Alex. Oh and Also, today, I said that I need to use the br really bad so he kinda gave me this attitude and was like "then just go". He tends to have this type of attitude a lot so I thought that it was just his personality but now I'm starting to think that he did that because he thinks that I was acting stupid. He tends to make a lot of smart comments or think that something/someone is stupid. I also read that bipolar people tend to think more superior of themselves compared to others so idk if I seemed stupid to him. I'm sorry if this offends anybody but I just want to know if Alex has been showing signs of bipolar disorder like when he made smart comments at me.


Hi I was diagnosed 14yrs ago with bipolar and all that you had said is not a picture of bipolar.  Bipolar is a Manic/Depressive order.  we can be manic, where our minds go to high, such as hypersexuality, spending, doing all sorts of crazy things.  Then there's hypo which a bipolar person goes from depression to highs.  The highs being that we can't stay still, feel like we can take on the world, get agitated, spend lots of money, can become irratable etc.  Depression, well that's basically, for me, bed ridden.  Not wanting to see anyone or communicate with anyone.  Then there's mixed states, where a bipolar can go from feeling really well to all of a sudden feeling sad.  It can happen as qucikley ast 10 or so minutes.  Bipolar is a very complicataed illness,it's difficult for  one to understand if you've never suffered from it.  It is a very painful illness.   I have been hospitalized many times over, treatement resistant and ECTs (shock therapy) resistant.  Resistant, meaning my pdoc has a hard time finding the right cocktail for me, as my body doesn't adapt to the meds.  However, I think we have the right cocktail (meaning a series of meds) that has allowed me the past three mths of stability.

For more info. on bipolar I would google it and you'll get a whole lot of info.  Educate yourself on the illness, so you can help your friend when he/she really needs it.  We need all the support we can get...


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Manicdeoressive  :-|