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My husband and I have been married for 20 years now and while I love him dearly, I have always known that he has a dark side as well. It wasn't until six years back that he was finally told that he in fact suffers from bipolar disorder. Medication has proven to be helpful, but it is much like a double edged sword; it takes away all of my husband's emotions. Are there any natural cures for bipolar disorder that we could look into?


There is no cure for bipolar disorder, natural or otherwise. We can simply manage the disease, but never cure it. Some people do have luck with natural products, mostly St John's Wort, which is a herbal anti-depressant. If you do decide to attempt to manage bipolar in that way, you need to do your homework first, and be prepared to go back on regular meds any time it is needed.


I am a healthy Male aged 68 years. I was diagnosed for having Bipolar
Diorder at the age of 55.
Now i am leading a very normal life.
Everey month I see my Doctor and he will prescribe medicines based on my conditons.
There is a chemical in our brain cell "NERON" called " DOPOMINE".
Scientist say that even with Electronic Microscope you cannot see the
movement of this chemical.
A very slight flucuation of this Chemical which will cause imbalance
in our thought. We will either become hyperactive or become depressed. There will be change in our behaviour.

Bipolar disorder is like diabetese. It is not a disease.
You must see the Phychiatrist regularly and take medicines.

For your information with this condtions I was working in a Bank as an
Assistant for 20 years and Administrative Manager for 15 years.

I am now retired  FROM THE ACTIVE SERVICE and leading a happy life without any problem.

The reason being I regularly see the Doctor. If my Mood swings I will rush to my family Doctor and explain to him my conditions. He will examine and alterr the medicine and dosage. I will take and followe his advice.