Hello for over 20 year I have had uticaria, they call it chronic uticaria, and just thought i would post this to maybe help others that have been told by many doctors that they cant take any more antihistamines and they have to put up with it


well i saw a new doctor and as well as taking 180mg Telfast, which i do every day (find this the best one for me) he said i will give you this tablet to use with the 180mg Telfast.  Its callce Cimidine, a green tablet similar size to Telfast.  So take both together, and guess what the itching is a lot better, ok do sometime have what i call itching attacks, but within a few days of taking both i could not belive it i did not itch!  so just wonder if there are those out there that cant bear the itch, live with it every day, that would benefit from my post.


please do let me know

ask what you like

best wishes


Sunshinett :O