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I can't go to the doctor my mom would kill me.... is there a natural way i could cure it?


Ok here is your answer. NO

BUT I know of a way that you can get rid of it, without ANYONE but the doc's know about it.

There are city, state and federal regulated and paid for (meaning FREE TO YOU) clinics that will test you and treat you free of charge, This is how most of them work (for chlamydia):

1. Go in and make an appointment (you fill out a brief confidential piece of paper)
2. Make it to your appointment (maybe fill out another small piece of paper, but be honest!)
3. Your assigned doctor calls you in and asks you why you are there.
4. Tell them you've had sexual contact with someone who tested positive for chlamydia, and you are here to get tested and treated.
5. Drink a rolaids-tasting cocktail (or take a pill, which ever that clinic uses)
6. Grab a SHITLOAD of free condoms, and use one EVERY TIME FROM NOW ON!
7. Don't have sexual contact for 2 weeks

During your visit you can request them to call, or NOT to call the phone number you give them, with your test results. If you DO decide to have them call you and tell you your results they will NEVER leave a message OR let anyone else know why they are calling or what their message was about.

Remember, this should be a free clinic, but most clinics accept donations, if you can afford a couple bucks, you'd be helping them out very much!

Good luck!


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How do you know you have Chlamydia if you haven't been to a doc?
Chlamydia must be treated, otherwise it can cause long-term consequences like infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease in females.


For men it is hard to tell whether you have chlamydia or not..sometimes there are lots of symptoms, sometimes there are none at all (for females thats usually not the case)

For me personally I experianced occasional (increasingly so) slight burning during urination, like a tender urethra.

Also after ejaculating I experianced an odd sensation, it wasnt painful, but absolutly not the normal.

Other than that I had NO discharge and the only way I was sure was getting tested...

Im pretty sure free clinics offer a cure for you, that will not hurt you even if you dont have chlamydia.

But, abstract of all effects caused by chlamydia, you MUST get it treated. Its simple and relativly fast, and if not treated, you WILL have a very bad outcome (females especially!)