Hey guys, I have been answering people posts/giving advice on here for several years now and a big concern/comment I see time and time again is, "I don't want to talk to my doctor about this because it's embarrassing" this is especially true when dealing with reproductive issues or questions about puberty.   My question to everyone is how can providers (doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners) make it easier and people more comfortable to talk about or address such concerns?  I wanted to set this up as a survey on here but I am not sure how to do it... If any admin people know and would let me know i would greatly appreciate it.


For now answer A, B C or D for your answers in the reply.... remember to post you need a minimum of 3 words so you may have to write a few other random words as well. also feel free to comment as well.


With regards to issues, questions, concerns about sexual health, puberty, reproductive issues ect. would you rather.

A.) Mention it to your provider at some point in time during your physical/visit.

B.) Have the practitioner ask you a vague statement such as " Do you have any more questions or concerns"?

C.) Be specific and as if you have any questions regarding puberty, sexual health, reproductive questions or concerns?

Thank you for anyone who takes the time to give their input I greatly appreciate it.