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my first out break of cold sores
but I think I remember getting one cold sore in high school I was 15-16
and I haven't had any since, till now
ive had I guess a "mild" outbreak with with usually just one single reoccurring sore

I was prescribed Valtrex on July 2nd
I had know Idea what cold sores were or how contagious they were.
but I have done a lot of research. and informed myself a little more.

and ive read that taking Zinc and L-Lysine can help reduce sores

Im wondering can I take Zinc and L-Lysine while im taking Valtrex?

Ive noticed since I started with valtrex the cold sores have doubled?
I made an appointment with my doctor but will be in on monday.

im also wondering should I be isolating myself with an outbreak?

I am 21 male by the way.


While a cold sore is present, its important not to share things like cups, cigarettes etc.... also avoid the hello kisses. You might get a breakout from the valtrex in the beginning but it should clear up.

Taking the Zinc and L-Lysine might help and shouldn't hurt to try anyways. Also a very strict vegan diet with zero sugars could also help if your interested in the natural route.