I've been getting cold sores since I was a little kid. I figure I might have just developed it because I've been biting my nails since forever.
I hate getting the cold sores and they vary between a pus-filled bump on my lip or the cluster of little bumps on the sides of my lips.
I'm 17 and explaining the whole herpes/cold sores thing to some people is embarrassing and annoying.
I usually get them after a cold, especially in the winter. So now I have an almost OCD thing going on: afraid of germs, getting sick, and getting a cold sore.

What can I do to prevent or suppress outbreaks before or as they start?
I know there are stuff you can use when you feel the itching/burning sensation, like abreva (which costs like $20 for a tiny tube!! :x )
What is the best thing to use so they can heal faster and/or not cluster/develop as much?

I also heard that eating certain foods that contain the amino acid lysine can help suppress and/or prevent the cold sores, however theres also evidence that they can adversely affect your gastrointestinal whatever-you-call-it. Anyone know any definite information or any information at all about lysine, cold sores, and herpes simplex that could help ?