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I have been examining my testicals and have found large grape like lumps in the veins in the right side of my scrotum and attached to my testicals. Looking on the internet it seems that Varicocele matches the problems i seem to be having ie: unable to get or sustain an erection. not feeling sexual and low sperm amount. I am 53 and recently married to a beautiful lady. What is the cure ie if an operation is needed, what is involved, how long will it take and waht is the recovery rate, will it affect my erections and ability to make love?????



I am unsure whether you have a varicocele, as it is usually discribed as a speghetti like veins near your testies, and I havent heard about it related to errection problems but i could be wrong.

Varicocele is caused by a valve not funtioning correctly, and the blood cant flow away from the scrotum.

I have a had surgery to repair varicocele. What is involved is the surgeon makes a small cut somewhere along the vein, mine was about 1- 1.5 inches about the top of my left leg. They then cut and tie off the vein. This causes the blood to find another way out of the scrotum.
I an unsure whether it has fixed mine, and i will be makign an appointment to see the specialist to see what he advises.

I would suggest you go see your GP, who will likely refer you to a specialist..

Good luck! :-)