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i was diagnosed last year having a grade 3 varicocele on my left testicle.. uro told me that my left testicle was small.. and and i should go under surgery.. i skip the surgery since i dont have any insurance and i dont have work that time... so i cant pay the operation.. after 1yr my right feels painful and very warm that also gives pain on my groin and on my legs.. and gives me some mild fever the right was more painful than my left which has the varicocele so i was worried that there might be also varicocele on my right... so i go to the uro and have the check up... i tought it was epidydimitis beacause of those symptoms.. he touches my balls and told me that idont have epidydimitis he just give me painkillers for it... and told me that the varicose are the ones that giving the pain.. now i told the uro to have surgery if my present health isurance will cover the operations.. but the insurance told me that they will only cover the operations if i have non infertility certifications... so i think im going to have a sperm analysis tommorow... if low sperm then i think is should pay for the fee.. whay if my analysis are in normal range ? should i still undergo on the surgery.. im worried that it can decrease the sperm if i have normal sperm count..


If this is causing you pain and a decreased quality of life, then I'd talk with the insurance company again to explain the situation and the reason why surgery should be a covered option. Now, this doesn't mean that surgery will fix everything. There are risks to everything and surgery in such a delicate area isn't always going to yield good results. Discuss with the surgeon what the risks are, what you should be expecting after surgery, and when you would need to contact emergency services (and who). One last thing, you should get a testicular ultrasound of the right and left testicles (and scrotum) to verify what the doctor diagnosed you with.