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The Vatican's Ponficial Council for Health Pastoral Care issued a message for World Aids Day, where it said that today’s culture is lead by passion and pleasure and doesn’t see any other values in sexuality. Sexual transmission of aids is still the most important pathway of infection, and therefore should sex be kept within the confines of marriage and in that way prevent HIV from spreading.

“Today’s pansexual culture devalues sexuality” – Vatican has alleged.
Vatican also opposes to condoms but some prelates said that condom usage was the lesser of evils.

Every year, an annual Christmas concert takes place in Vatican. This year, a Brazilian singer who sang about condom use had been dropped from the lineup as organizers feared of condoms being publicly promoted in Vatican.


However, if a couple get married, and the man gives the woman HIV that he got from his mother or father, then he will infect his wife, and his wife will infect their future children, and the cycle will continue. It's too late to be practising chastity now.

Condom use is more important as it physically stops HIV from infecting. Old-fashioned sex-after-marriage-ideas do not stop the killer virus.