i am a 25 year old female i have headaches that wont go away very tired all the time, stiff neck , pains all over my head been checked for diabetes and thyroid, mri came back good, all my blood work was good. very dizzy all the time, had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, tingling in my hands, feet, and every where else, also i cant sleep through nite , always nausea, throwing up all the time, my body feels like a time of bricks and i constantly shake all the time like something is wrong with my nerves, and i am cold all the time no matter how hot or cold it is. i really need some help with this i have been told that i need to go see a neurologist, all i want is some relief so that i can live a normal life and i am tired of going to the emergency room at least once a week and i have done been treated for migraine headaches but the medicine only works for about an hour . also i get shortness of breath and last night i went to the er and my blood pressure was 115/85 and my oxygen level was working at 75% . :'( :'(